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Please find certain questions, related to which there may be some queries in your mind. We have carefully thought over these questions and tried our best to give you a solution of these, so that you can avail our services to optimum level!!!

How can I post my Resume to use your services?
On the Home Page itself we have provided a button named Candidates. Once you click this link, some easy to comprehend steps would follow wherein you would be required to furnish some key information, including some personal and academic details. Once you are through with that, your job is done.
Is resume posting done FREE of cost?
Yes you can post your resume absolutely free of cost. You just need to click on ‘candidates' on our home page and this will open a form wherein you are supposed to fill in your details and click on submit. This will automatically submit your resume on our placement E-mail Id.
Is it must to write a cover letter before sending job application? What is its significance?
No, we don't put any obligation on the job-seeker regarding the cover letter. Sending a cover letter with your resume is all a matter of your choice. However, a cover letter essentially helps you build sort of a rapport with the employer. Accompanying it your resume fills the bill of a knock at the door before entering in, or an introduction yourself before you speak to a stranger. No matter how competent and effective resume you have written, it will sound a casual attempt on your part to address the employer if unaccompanied by a cover letter. And since formality is the buzzword in interviews, so it makes sense to go along the lines of the proper decorum and let your intention be known to send your resume to the interviewer.
Can I update my contact Information from time to time?
  Please email on related to any change in your contact numbers or email ID. If your resume is updated then kindly post it back on the candidates section on website. Updated resumes will not be accepted by email.
Making payment procedure easy, only for you.
  Please deposit the amount mentioned in the Resume Development package and then intimate us about the same with a scanned copy of the deposit slip with the date of deposit stamped on it by email on
How do I ensure Confidentiality of my Identity?
  Please refer our privacy policy for the same.
Can I apply to jobs posted in any of the categories with the same resume?
The resume posted by me was rejected by your team. Why?
  In the event that you have not filled up the form completely in the candidates section of our website then your resume would be rejected or if our placement officers find fake, illegal or irrelevant information the resume posted by you will not be approved and will be rejected.
How can I Update my Resume from time to time?
  If your resume is updated then kindly post it back on the candidates section on website. Updated resumes will not be accepted by email.
I don't' want to receive queries from Employers for some time. Is there a way out, apart from deleting my resume?
  We respect your privacy, in case you don't want to be contacted by us for any new job openings, kindly email us on with the subject “Remove”, and we will immediately deactivate your Resume from our database.
How long does it take to get a response from the recruiter?
We merely act as a mediator between you and the recruiter and thus we can't urge them for speedy responses, or even to respond to your application for the job. Further, the promptness of the response may depend on the recruiter itself or sometimes on your resume/qualifications.
Do you send my resume to recruiters?
It depends. If you fit into the requirements asked by the employer then your resume will be forwarded to them otherwise not.