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Privacy Policy
Pathway Group & all its entities are committed to protecting your privacy.
  We use the information we collect on website to provide information to support better decision-making by those interested in that information. The recruitment process is intended to be clear. You are given full control over the information you provide and whether and how any identification is linked to that information.

Pathway Group or its entities defined under the scope of Pathway Group will not sell, trade, give or rent any personally identifiable information obtained from you to a third party unless you consent or unless we are required to do so by law enforcement agencies or other legal action.

Pathway Group & all its entities commitment to you as customer includes:
  • Allowing you to decide what personally identifiable information we collect.
  • Protection of your privacy.
  • Respect for your requests regarding our contact with you.
  Our Chief Information Officer may be contacted at for further information and to raise any concerns.
Overview of Privacy Policy

Protection of your privacy is of fundamental importance to Pathway Group & its entities. As an independent placement service provider, our commitment to your privacy is absolute. If we do not satisfy our clients about privacy protection, we do not have a business.

The purpose of our placement services is to share information in a confidential and trusting manner for the benefit of the job seekers. The information and commitments in this privacy policy apply to all sites administered by, Pathway Group & its entities.

Pathway Group & its entities and its employees and associates cannot be held responsible for breaches of security outside its control.

Information provided by job seekers and job providers is stored on the secure Pathway Group & its entities website. This commitment remains if Pathway Group & its entities ceases to exist or becomes no longer the controlling owner. If it becomes impractical to maintain these commitments the data will be removed and totally destroyed from all controlling electronic systems.


Our Privacy Policy conforms to accepted principles of

  • Accessibility
  • Independence
  • Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Complaints

If you have any concern then you can contact , our Chief Information and Quality Control Officer on You will get response within 14 days via return email with a clear explanation of the process to achieve satisfactory resolution.

If a resolution cannot be achieved to the satisfaction of the complainant within 60 days of the complaint being brought to the attention of the Chief Information Officer, the complaint will then be referred within 7 days thereof to an Independent Adjudicator. This adjudicator will be agreed through mutual discussion. Failing agreement, the adjudicator will be appointed by the local jurisdiction at Vadodara.

Further information is available from , Pathway Group & its entities.