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Recruitment / Placements Services to Organizations & Individuals
To Organization
We are in touch with all leading industries and keep a close eye on the personnel requirements that come up from time to time. Since, we are in the education sector; we have an ongoing database of trained and screened candidates which makes it easy for us to introduce the right candidates whenever a vacancy comes up.
To Candidates
We provide employment/placement services to candidates seeking jobs. No effort is spared to identify vacancies in a cross section of companies served by us to match the candidates' flair and aptitude before final fitment is made. We cover the following industries.
  • Engineering Industries
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronics
  • EPC Industries
  • Production Industries
Pre-Job Training
We provide pre-job training to the candidates so that their aptitude and flair match the job requirements and they can launch themselves in the right vein. When the fitment to a job is right, individuals show enthusiasm, perform well and give their 100% to the job.
Post-Job Training
We extend advanced training to the candidates after they take up the job and gain experience to help them become more effective in their respective assignments. This inspires and motivates them to perform with zeal and more enthusiasm and set them on the growth path in the organization. The organization also gains tremendously from this.
Corporate Trainings for various Organizations:
  Pathway Institute of Excellence (PIE-I)
Center for Personality Development & Leadership Training
We conduct Training in handling Group Discussions, Personal Interview Techniques (Personality Test), Confidence Building and Memory Power Techniques, Mind Power Management, Health Management, Time Management, Sleep Management, Stress Management, Productivity etc. after doing a SWOT Analysis and identifying the candidates' weaknesses in their personality. This helps the organizations & the individuals to build confidence, increase in productivity, & growth for betterment and encouragement during the time of stress so that the work is completed in the right note.
Resume Development

“First Impression is the Best Impression”. Want to create attractive resumes..? Our experts will help you create resumes that would help in creating good impressions on your prospective employers.

  • We believe your need comes first – we customize your resume as per your requirements so that you can avail maximum mileage from it.
  • We look forward in your development so would make all attempts to make your resume the best one that would be a catalyst for your further growth.
  • Platinum CV for Best Results.
  • Our experts know what recruiters look for in resume - get that advantage.
  • We Know How Important Finding the Right Job is for Your Happiness
Resume for Fresher's looking for the first job (0 to below 3 year experience) Resume for mid career experience (3 to below 6 year experience) Resume for Senior Management Level (Over 6 year experience)
Avail our services to develop your first professional resume that would help you to get a big break Avail our services to make your career fast-paced. Avail our services to get a resume that would bring out the depth and breadth of your expertise
Fast Track Resume Enhancement Service (Within 4 working hours)
Fast Track Resume enhancement for Fresher's to Entry Level (0-3 yrs) Rs. 1500
Fast Track Mid Career Resume enhancement (3-6 yrs) Rs. 2500
Fast Track Sr. Level Resume enhancement (6 yrs +) Rs. 3500
Regular Resume Enrichment Service (Within 3 working days)
Resume enhancement for Fresher's to Entry Level (0-3 yrs) Rs. 750
Mid Career Resume enhancement (3 – 6 yrs) Rs. 1250
Sr. Level Resume enhancement (6+ yrs) Rs. 1750
Platinum Services (Within 10 working days)
Platinum Resume Enrichment for 6 yrs Rs. 3500
Platinum Resume Enrichment for 10 yrs above Rs. 5000